Vacation has already begun, sunshine has appeared outside the window - so there is nothing left for us to do but to take a vacation and go on a trip. The only question is where to go. How about choosing accommodation in the area of the beautiful Vistula Lagoon? Just don't type " Vistula Lagoon  attractions" or "Vistula Peninsula attractions" into a search engine, I suggest reading the following article instead. You will learn all about the area's attractions from it.

The Vistula Lagoon is a fabulous area, whose nature often delights. It is an ideal place for sailing enthusiasts, ornithologists or anglers. The coastal area will also grab the hearts of lovers of beaches, forests and sand dunes. Not far from the Vistula Spit are beautiful scenic parks and unusual agricultural areas - perfect for sunset walks. For bird lovers, there are several Anseriformes reserves: Lake Drużno and Elbląg Bay.

Tourist attractions in Krynica Morska will also meet any requirements. There are wide beaches - ideal for sunbathing and relaxing. Near the village rises the Camel's Hump (Wielbłądzi Garb ) dune, which is considered the highest in Europe.

It is often said that the Vistula Peninsula is the sea in a nutshell. Without a doubt, it is a perfect place for nature lovers. There is something beautiful for everyone here. There are several hiking trails passing through the surrounding villages and natural areas.

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